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It's Oct, but Christmas is Already Here- 5 Ways to Boost Sales

It's Oct, but Christmas is Already Here- 5 Ways to Boost Sales

Being ill-prepared for the holiday rush can mean you’re losing money without knowing it. In this article series, we’ll go over some easy and sometimes overlooked ways to boost your holiday revenue on your website. This article will be split into 5 parts, one released each day.

It happens every year; one moment we’re BBQing in our backyards celebrating July 4th, the next, we’re seeing Back-To-School items fly into stores, and immediately thereafter, the all-inclusive term of “The Holidays” signifying the Big-3 (Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas) are just around the corner.

As someone who hates to procrastinate, (but falls victim to it occasionally) I always look for ways to ease my troubles for later on. This includes attempting to buy Christmas gifts at least 2 months prior, so I don’t need to rush, get frazzled by other late-minute shoppers (hello, shopping cart rage!), nor get gifts without much time or thought put into it (hello, gift cards!).

Essentially, you need to target people more like me, or rather, encourage them to be more prepared than they were last year, and why earlier is the best time to buy, especially from your business.

The 2012 holiday shopping season could be the best in years for retailers, and according to Deloitte, a 15-17% increase is forecast for non-store sales. That could be you!

Even retail giants like Target, has announced that they're doing price matching this season that extends to online competitors such as Amazon, Walmart, BestBuy and more. Your business most likely won’t be affected by this, but it goes to show that even retail stores have been recognizing the increasing online shopping habits of savvy customers.

So how can you start taking advantage of the sales increase?

Over the course of this and next week, we’ll go over some easy and sometimes overlooked ways to boost your holiday revenue:

1. Look at Past Metrics

A great place to start is to look at your analytics from the previous season.  With free software like Google Analytics, OpenWeb Analytics, or Piwik, there’s no reason any website owner shouldn’t already have the tracking code installed on their site. For this article, we’ll go with examples from the most popular: Google.

Lucrazon- Look at Past Metrics
Image Credit: Google Analytics homepage

What were popular keywords that brought traffic to your site? Which categories of your site held the most attention for your customers, and which resulted into sales?

If you have a search field located within your site, what were some of the most searched-for terms?

Start by logging into your software, and changing the date to which you want to compare with last season. (Be sure to checkmark the Compare button)

Lucrazon- Google Analytics- Comparing dates

After doing this you’ll see your present day traffic along with a line to signify the previous year’s. What’s the difference? Do you know why it may be higher/lower?

Lucrazon- Google Analytics- Keywords Search

Now, let’s take a look at some of the keywords that brought traffic to your site. You can look for this in 3 areas highlighted above. If you had a paid search campaign, you can view under Adwords > Keywords, and if you want to look at organic (or natural searches) you can look under Traffic > Overview or Traffic > Search > Organic.

Capitalize on this information, and make those popular keywords and search terms easily accessible on your site (search engine optimization), preferably on your homepage. Possibly create a section dedicated to holiday best sellers based on those keywords, and “it’s never too early!” messaging to encourage shoppers.

What about areas that seemed to generate a lot of traffic, but didn’t convert into sales? Perhaps, the content in that area needs to be edited, or a more prominent call-to-action is needed.

By looking at your past metrics, you’ll know what to improve upon for this season and you’ll be able to set your goals more easily and with a purpose.

Action Items:

1. Search and compare your past year’s metrics to this season to see what can be improved. If you don’t have past metrics to compare too, make sure you have analytics in place for when you’re ready!

2. Look at the popular keywords that are driving organic traffic to see where you can implement more of them on the site pages, to improve SEO and allow your customers to find it easier.

3. See which pages held your customers’ attention by going to Content > Overview in the nav to see Avg Time on Page metric.

4. Set up Conversion Goals to track if the pages in #3 are actually creating sales, or if the customer is just lingering. If you see that the page engagement is high, but doesn’t result in sales, you may  need to adjust the description, images, add extra information to close the sale.

We hope you found this article helpful, and we encourage comments of your feedback! Tomorrow, we’ll go over Part 2 of boosting your holiday sales.

Feel free to also suggest article topics, or just ask what’s been nagging your mind.


Alice Ly
Social Media Manager
Lucrazon Ecommerce

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