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Content Creation vs Content Curation

Content Creation vs Content Curation

As a small business owner doing everything yourself, you know you should be investing in Social Media and blogging regularly, but who has time for that when you’re already swamped with other duties? Even if you share the responsibilities with a partner, other priorities will arise and marketing can be pushed further down the list.

“I don’t have time to write every day.”
“I don’t know what to write about.”
“I don’t know what to post. How can I think of new things?”

These questions might be the ones you’re asking or facing.

However, did you know that you don’t need to create ALL the time?

This would be a matter of Curation vs Creation.

So what’s the difference?

Imagine yourself a curator at a museum or gallery. Your role would be to find and organize artwork/artists that fit with the show’s theme.  In terms of being a Content Curator, it’s the same principle, except you’re finding news, images, video, any content that you can share with your audience that is relevant with your brand, vision, and purpose.

Now imagine yourself the artist. Your role is to create the masterpiece that fits with the show’s theme. As a Content Creator, you’ll create blog posts, images/infographics, video, and any content that you can share with your audience that is relevant with your brand, vision, and purpose.

See a pattern between the two options?

Both focus on RELEVANCY to your brand.

There’s also one step further than Curation, and that is expanding your thoughts on said shared piece.

Say you found a list of Top 5 on a certain subject. Add 5 more! Or you found an article that you agree with, link to the article, summarize it briefly and add your thoughts as to why you agree (or disagree) with it.

You don’t always have to feel forced to create something 100% original and new when there’s so much content around the web where you can share other professionals’ thoughts. By sharing other people’s knowledge, you’re giving a well-rounded outlook on specific topics, which can support or enhance your own thoughts.

Some ideas that work for both curation/creation:

- Blogging
- Case Studies
- Presentations
- eBooks
- Infographics
- Press Releases
- Podcasts
- Surveys
- Videos
- Webinars
- White Papers

Each of these items can be turned into more content by changing the medium it is in. For instance a blog post can turn into a presentation and shared on Slideshare. A podcast can be transcribed and put into an eBook. White Papers can be broken down into separate blog post chunks etc.

It’s all a matter of recognizing how to utilize your current content into as many different ways as possible, and knowing how to share others’ content but still focus back onto your brand.

Questions? Ask below!


+Alice Ly
Social Media Manager

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