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Facebook Updates Business Page Layout

Facebook Updates Business Page Layout

Back in March 2014, Facebook made the announcement for streamlining Facebook Pages for businesses. If you have a Facebook Business Page, you might have also noticed a news bar on your page notifying you that changes will roll out to all pages either June 13 or June 25. 

So what are the changes?

To see a live example, both Lucrazon Global and Lucrazon Ecommerce Pages have the newly designed pages.

You'll notice that it looks a bit similar to a personal Facebook Page.

1. The top navigation has been pushed up to fit underneath the Cover Photo

2. The Profile picture and Name of the Page sits on top of the Cover Photo a bit more.

3. About, Photos, and Posts to Page has been placed on the left side of the page.

4. All Posts by the Fan Page is now streamlined to the right hand side of the page instead of both columns making it easier to read and follow the timeline.

5. Notifications, Activity, Insights and key admin tools are also easier to access.

Everyone can see what their page can look like under the newly designed layout without committing by following the news bar instructions. As long as you don't click "Update for Fans" then only the Admin can see the changes. 

You might need to update your Cover Photo once more before committing to the change, as the Profile Picture and Name of the Page may obscure some imagery/text on your Cover Photo.

As a refresher, here are the dimensions of the Images needed for your Facebook Business Page:

Cover Photo: 851 px wide x 315 px high and less than 100 kilobytes for optimal load times

Profile Photo: 180 px x 180 and Facebook will add a thin white border around it

Timeline Photo: If you want to upload a photo that uses the maximum space allowed, upload a square photo at least 504 px wide

For a full comprehensive and visual look, take a look at Have Camera Will Travel's site on Facebook Photo Dimensions.


+Alice Ly
Social Media Manager

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