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How a Pre-Selected Inventory Ecommerce Store Works

How a Pre-Selected Inventory Ecommerce Store Works
We’re extremely pleased to announce that Pre-Selected Inventory Ecommerce Stores are now available! (Lucrazon Health and General Merchandise)
There will be no need to stock any inventory as all orders are processed through the EStore and automatically fulfilled by the product supplier/fulfillment center. This means that once an order comes through to your EStore, information gets transmitted to the product supplier so that they can pack and ship straight to the customer’s doorstep. 
As an EStore owner, you can then fully focus on marketing your business, and utilizing the robust discount/couponing feature that allows you to control and set discounts and specials. The product supplier will handle the inventory stock and fulfillment while you manage increasing your retail profit!
To further illustrate, we’ve created an infographic that helps explain the front-end process:
How a Pre-Selected Inventory EStore Works - Lucrazon
1. Customers purchase products at the EStore Customer Price plus applicable Shipping/Handling and Sales Tax. The full amount of the sale deposits directly into your Merchant Account.
2. Your EStore credit card on file is charged for the Wholesale Cost of the products plus Shipping/Handling Fees and Sales Tax. 
3. Your Customer’s order is packaged and shipped directly by the Fulfillment Center
4. You retain 100% of the Retail Profits generated from sales through your EStore
5. On a Quarterly Basis, Lucrazon electronically reports and remits all Sales Taxes to the appropriate taxing authorities on your behalf for a completely HANDS-FREE Ecommerce solution!
A pre-selected inventory Ecommerce store will only be a one-time set up fee of $500 and $50 per month for hosting and maintenance fees! 
Brand Partners can purchase a pre-selected inventory Ecommerce store for themselves through their own Back Office or sell a store to a customer via their own Brand Partner business website. 
We have special pricing regarding the Lucrazon Health Store from now until October 31, 2014 for Brand Partners only, where activation is just a one-time setup fee of $1 in addition to the recurring $50 a month hosting and maintenance fee!
>>> Audio Recordings regarding the Lucrazon Health Store: English | Spanish <<<
How Brand Partners Can Get Their Own Pre-Selected Inventory EStore:
1. Login to your Brand Partner Back Office
2. Navigate to "Brand Partner > "Marketplace" and select “Ecommerce Store”
3. Select the “Pre-Selected Inventory Ecommerce Store” option
4. Choose a Pre-Selected Inventory Ecommerce Store: “Lucrazon Health” or “Specialty Store”
5. Confirm your information and Create your Store!
6. Don't forget! You must go through the steps to Activate your Pre-Selected Inventory Ecommerce Store before you can sell any products
How Brand Partners Can Sell a Pre-Selected Inventory EStore:
All Ecommerce Store signups from your customers must occur through your own Brand Partner website to ensure that you and your Sponsor get the appropriate credit!
1. Direct your Customer to your own Brand Partner website
2. Click “Create your Ecommerce Store” button on the homepage
3. Fill out First Name, Last Name, Email Address and choose the Pre-Selected Inventory Ecommerce Option
4. Choose a Pre-Selected Inventory Ecommerce Store: “Lucrazon Health” or “Specialty Store”
5. Fill out the Company information and Confirm
6. Your Customer will be taken into the Admin Panel where he/she must follow the steps to Activate the Pre-Selected Inventory Ecommerce Store to complete the sale.
These are exciting times at Lucrazon Global and we look forward to growing together with our Brand Partners!
Alice Ly
Social Media Manager

4 Comments To "How a Pre-Selected Inventory Ecommerce Store Works"
Alice Ly - Lucrazon - 10/27/2014

Hi there Keith, we're working on upgrading the inventory store to house over 14,000 products instead of 2,000 so we've temporarily paused it. Don't worry, we'll be extending the special pricing for our brand partners. More details soon! Thanks!
keith bottjen - 10/27/2014

I cannot create the preselected inventory store and am concerned since after October 31, we lose the opportunity to get it for the $1 plus $50 a month.. Keith Bottjen 406-281-2157
Alice Ly - Lucrazon - 09/23/2014

Hi there Gustavo! The Specialty Store is a mixture of household, office, entertainment, and small electronic items. Let me know if you have further questions, thank you!
Gustavo - 09/23/2014

Hi Alice what is the Specialty Store? are there more pre-selected items that we can sell besides organic food? Thank you

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