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SmallBizChat Recap: How to Make Lasting First Impressions

SmallBizChat Recap: How to Make Lasting First Impressions

Each week, the SmallBizLady, Melinda Emerson, hosts a Twitter talk show #SmallBizChat where she interviews various experts.

A recent topic was "How to Make Lasting First Impressions" with guest of honor, Jan Goss, a Master Confidence Strategist, the founder of Civility Consulting and Managing Director of the Austin Chapter of eWomenNetwork.

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Q1: Why is connecting so important?

Jan continues: "The more effectively we can learn to connect, the higher the chances of our success. Connecting is important because it affects our success level, personally and professionally. All business and personal relationships begin with a connection."

Q2: Why don't we connect?

Jan continues: "Let's bust the fear! We were taught “Don’t talk to strangers” as kids. It served us well when we were little but gets in our way as adults. We get into a room full of “strangers” and freeze up internally. Our “stranger danger” alarm goes off in our head. Fear of the unknown keeps us from connecting. “What if they don’t like me?” or “I don’t know what to say. All of the unknown factors about connecting keep us at a distance. We don’t want to ADMIT that we have any fear. Fear makes us feel weak. Admit we aren’t superman or superwoman. Afraid to admit that we are afraid to connect!"

Q3: What is the first step in connecting?

Jan continues: "If we don’t at least acknowledge another person’s presence, we will never connect with them. Acknowledgment comes first. This may be the only connection we get such as eye contact, a smile, or perhaps a nod of the head. If the interaction continues, the next step is a greeting such as “Hello, good morning”. Last, we may get a chance to introduce ourselves. Knowing how to introduce ourselves is vital to making a good connection."

Q4: How can I build my confidence when it comes to connecting?

Jan continues: "Our confidence level in terms of connecting with others comes from knowing what to do and when to do it. When we know, we feel confident. It is in those moments when we don’t know what to do that our confidence wanes. Learning protocol for different situations will help you connect more effectively & can boost your confidence. Practicing protocols will increase your level of connectivity. It also raises the level of your connections."

Q5: What specific actions can I take?

Jan continues: "It is critical to become what I call “others oriented”. It matters how we make other people feel. People do business with those they know, like and trust. Shift your mindset to being “Others Oriented”. Connect with me first, THEN I will listen about your wonderful products and services."

Q6: What behaviors would benefit me most?

Q7: What is something that I can implement immediately to boost my confidence?

Jan continues: "When we come in contact with others, they do not deserve for us to do what I call “dump my trash into their yard." It’s my job to empty the trash or my life will stink. A shift in our body will help create a shift in our confidence. To adjust your posture, bring your shoulders straight up, straight back, and straight down. Then tuck in your diaphragm. Your mental state will shift as you make this small adjustment. Now add a smile to your face. These adjustments will release endorphins, give us a sense of well-being & increase our confidence level."

Q8: What is the BOSS method?

Jan continues: "B-reathe (intentionally, deeply, w. gratitude); O-pen body position (nothing is crossed w. your hands by your side) S-tand up straight (use the 4 steps to adjust your posture); S-mile (release those endorphins!) Practice this method wherever and whenever you can to increase your chances of success!"

Q9: What are the ABCs of managing my first impression?

Jan continues: "Your appearance is the first thing people see, even from a distance; before they ever engage with you. It’s critical! Behaviors such as eye contact, smile & posture affect the way other people perceive you. The more confidently you connect, the greater chance you have of making a great first impression and staying connected. An insecure, fearful first impression does not draw people to you. People love to connect with confident people."

Q10: Why is a first impression so important?

Jan continues: "An impression is the imprint we leave on someone’s mind & heart. They leave feeling “I’m impressed or I’m not impressed” If we connect w. a great first impression chances of doing business go up and vice versa with a bad impression"

Q11: How does confidence affect my life and business?

Jan continues: "Confident people: 1) Are happier people 2) Make more money 3) Have better relationships. Fear stops us from reaching our potential. People go to their graves w. gifts left inside of them because fear robbed them. Confidence is the key that pushes you through the fear so you can reach your potential. Building your confidence builds your quality of life. It makes you a better person."

Q12: What action can I take to improve my confidence quicker, sooner, faster?

Jan continues: "Only hang around with people who lift you up. Cut the people out of your life who drain you and pull you down. Be careful what you let in your mind. Fill it with positive thoughts. Continue to educate yourself and grow in your field. Take time for you. Self-care is first. If you don’t take care of you, no one else will. The fastest way to grow your confidence is in a mentoring relationship with someone who knows how to build it. Invest in yourself, recognize that you are worth whatever it takes to build your confidence. You are worth it! Bust fear. Live in confidence!"


+Alice Ly
Social Media Manager
Lucrazon Ecommerce

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